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Prep - Wave - Finish
Hoe werkt het

Stap 1: Preparation
Make sure the hair is clean, dry and free of tangles before use. Use a heat resistant hair product and possibly a forming hair spray to keep the waves in place. Divide the hair into sections with clips. Use the heat resistant glove to prevent burns.

Stap 2: Wave

Set curling iron to the desired temperature. Start with waving at the back. Take narrow sections of hair for a defined wave or larger sections for a beachy look. Take a tuft and hold for 3-10 seconds, try out what works best for you. Follow the same method for the entire hair.

Stap 3: FinishMake sure all hair has cooled down and if necessary shake the hair loose with your fingertips or a coarse comb. Turn the waver off and only then unplug it from the mains. Make sure that the waver has cooled down before storing it. Enjoy your beautiful homemade Bombé waves!

* The temperature can be set between 80℃-210℃ and is therefore also suitable for hair extensions of both real hair and synthetic hair.

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