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SKU: 0009

Hi Bombé babe , do you also want a different look every day? Create three different looks with the Bombé Magic 3-in-1 Curling Iron! The curling iron has 3 different types of attachments and is adjustable in temperature to set the right temperature for each hair type. The ceramic tourmaline coating ensures that you get beautiful, shiny curls and that the hair is minimally damaged. The 3-in-1 curling iron is the must-have for anyone who loves different types of curls. Follow us:

  • Different attachments
    Which hairstyle do you want today? Simply change the attachments and choose the look that suits this day. Do you have a party, a meeting or do you just want to always look good, with the Bombé 3-in-1 curling iron you can create a look that suits every occasion.

    • 19mm (small tight curls)
    • 25mm (medium curls)
    • 32mm (coarse curls/stroke)

    Ceramic Tourmaline Technology
    This technology ensures that you can easily curl your hair without damaging the hair. Your curls will shine beautifully and it will stay put all day long. The ceramic coating ensures that the heat is evenly distributed over the attachments for a super beautiful and elegant result!

    Why buy 3 different curling irons when there is a curling iron with 3 attachments? Don't hesitate and try it out.

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